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Playtech supports 'On the Frontline' campaign

"On the Frontline", a fundraising campaign co-organized with BCause Foundation, aims to support the fight against COVID-19 in Bulgaria. The funds will be used to purchase medical supplies, protective and medical equipment as well as antiviral and other drugs for hospitals in Bulgaria. Protecting medical personnel on the frontline is key for a sustainable healthcare system in Bulgaria during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our detailed investigation of the bulgarian hospitals showed that the need for protective gear such as masks and overalls remains rather acute . Thus our goal is to donate to the hospitals in Bulgaria 15000 FFP2/3 protective filter masks for medical purposes.The funds will be distributed to the hospitals in need using a mathematical model taking into account the following, but not limit to, factors:

Current hospital needs

Number of COVID-19 patients

Received donations

Population of the administrative region


“On The Frontline” campaign has been started by:

Mina Draganova comes from a doctor's family. She graduated from INSEAD University and is currently living and working in Switzerland.

Andrey Raykov is a son of two medical doctors. He obtained his doctoral degree from Jacobs University Bremen. He is currently living in Sofia and is heading the educational content team of the top online education company in Bulgaria - (

Dimitar Jetchev is Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of the software company Inpher ( with offices in Switzerland and USA. In the past 10 years Dimitar has been teaching mathematics and cryptography, and is leading a research group in the Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute (EPFL).

The campaign is organized in collaboration with BCause Foundation.

Playtech Bulgaria donates BGN 13 700 for the cause.


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Playtech Bulgaria и фондация Бикоуз
Donated so far
 14,100  лв.

Goal amount
 25,000  лв.
End of Campaign

Category : Лечение / рехабилитация

Legal state: NON-PROFITS

Beneficiary: Болници в България


Donor Name
Anonymous donor  100  лв.
Катя Дойчинова  50  лв.
Momchil Jivkov  200  лв.
Anonymous donor  50  лв.
Playtech Bulgaria  13,700  лв.


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Playtech Bulgaria и фондация Бикоуз

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