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Give a hand to a special kid

"Association Autism" was founded in May 2003 by parents of children and young people with autism spectrum disorders as a non-profit organization for carrying out community services. The aim of the association is to help the persons with autism to unleash their potential and to grow up as worthy self-contained individuals, well-integrated into society. The main activities that the association develops to achieve this goal include the opening of social services for children and young people with autism spectrum problems - organizing daily activities and specialized training for children, as well as training for parents.
Now, "Association Autism" raises funds for creating a hall for ergo- and sensory-integrative therapies in Daycare Center "Duga" (Duga means rainbow in Bulgarian).
Ergotherapy is one of the main therapeutic approaches for working with children with autism spectrum disorders. It aims to ensure the maximum possible independence and quality of life for children. It is aimed at overcoming deficits in terms of balance, coordination, self-care, communication and understanding. Sensory-integrative therapy is an important part of the ergotherapy, supporting the process of processing information from the environment and, accordingly, building adequate behaviour and communication.
In early 2019, thanks to the donations of many people and businesses, "Association Autism" became the owner of a premise adjacent to the existing daycare center and the ergotherapy hall will be situated in it.
Currently, "Duga" provides daily treatment for 26 children. After the renovation and reconstruction of the additional area of 150 sq.m., the capacity of the center will be increased by another 25 places.


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Веселина Йорданова
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 2,000  лв.
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Фирмено дарение Paysafe Bulgaria  2,000  лв.


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Веселина Йорданова

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