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“Don't give me fish,  teach me to fish

“Don't give me fish,  teach me to fish" - this is the motto that we from Dechitsa Foundation follow in our work with disadvantaged children deprived of parental care.Therefore, we try to teach children how to be independent and to rely on themselves.That's why we give them non material things in the form of knowledge, skills and development opportunities.That’s why we buy them products and we TOGETHER prepare food.That is why we teach them to dance, to speak properly, to read expressively and to think.Because they will need these skills in the future to become independent and strong people.Two years ago, the children wished they had  folk costumes so that they could present themselves with the audience with dignity. We offered them  to buy them by themselves. At first, they did not believe it was possible.We invited other children to join the initiative and we all made martenitsas that we offered at charity bazaars.The funds raised were enough for us to choose with the children the costumes they still carry with pride and joy at every concert and event. Their eyes shine and they feel like real stars! And the best thing is the feeling that they deserve it!This year, the children said they would very much like to choose their own colorful and modern sports suits. We again reminded them of our motto and so now we are trying to show them that everything is possible and in their own hands! The children will be involved in an art course that will have a strong therapeutic effect on them, will unite them and make them tolerant and help one another. In addition, it will help them to develop their fine motor skills.And last but not least, children will make different cards, toys and souvenirs so that they can choose and buy sports suits by themselves. The cost of a course in arts will be about 400 BGN per month.In addition to the course, we also plan to make an art camp with 25 children for them to shoot photos, create, apply and color. The planned cost for it, including transportation, will be about 4000 BGN.With the suits, the children will participate in regular sports activities, which can bring them future sporting success. We have a good coach who can prepare them. The cost of sports training for one year will be about 4000 BGN per year.We believe this is the most true path to a dream come true!


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Category : Деца и младежи от институции

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