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We are one - PPD! New medical monitors for ''Sheynovo''

„Sheynovo” is one of the leading Bulgarian hospitals in Gynecology and Obstetrics, and among the pioneers in endoscopic surgery in the country. Every year, more than 10 000 patients are treated in the hospital’s wards and 5000 surgeries take place, including 150 complex surgical interventions. Last year, 2300 babies were born in “Sheynovo”, and 250 newborns were treated in the hospital’s ICU.

In 2019, we are asking you to help us raise BGN 10 600, for two multi-parameter monitors for the ICU, where the most critical and vulnerable patients – children and adults - are treated. Medical monitors are devices, used for constant tracking and recording of a patient’s vital parameters, such as blood pressure, heart rate, etc. Mostly used in ICUs and operating rooms, medical monitors help save human lives every day – the devices are normally tracking the recovery of patients, but they can also detect changes and deviations, and alert clinical staff of pending fatal conditions even before visible signs are noticeable.

We are one – PPD!
As a company, PPD is committed to supporting efforts to improve health and people’s lives around the world. The PPD Annual Charity Ball is part of the company’s long-term policy of including its employees in various initiatives that contribute to healthier and thriving communities around the globe. Each year, PPDs social committee researches and selects charitable projects that become the main focus of employees’ giving and volunteering calendar.


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Ива Петрова
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 11,130  лв.

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 10,600  лв.
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Category : Лечение / рехабилитация

Legal state: NON-PROFITS

Beneficiary: II САГБАЛ "Шейново"


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Имидж Ин Травъл ЕООД  1,438  лв.
Anonymous donor  30  лв.
Anonymous donor  1,060  лв.
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Anonymous donor  30  лв.


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Ива Петрова

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