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Да покрием разходите за наем на клубчето за 4 месеца


Dechitsa   Foundation is dedicated to kids deprived from parental care. In our work we   use two approaches:
- Work with volunteers. Each child has a “big brother /sister” or so called   “role model adult” with whom they develop an emotional relationship. Such   contact aims at building a strong affiliation to another person and to find   out the importance of friendship, sharing, expressing his/hers feelings,   create things and ability to feel the joy of living. A psychologist helps   them to strengthen and develop the relationship.
- Work with professionals – English language teachers, dance teachers,   speech and art therapists. Theirs task is to find out and encourage   childrens’ skills, to teach them to perform in public, to articulate   properly, to be self-confidence and to have dreams.
For our work we hire a place which is an adored oasis for us and the kids   and we all call it “our little club”. Montly we spend for rent and payments   of the three most important experts (psychologist, English language teacher   and folk dances teacher) 1 400 BGN.



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Богдана Манова
Donated so far
 3,245  лв.

Goal amount
 1,400  лв.
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Category : Деца и младежи от институции

Legal state: NON-PROFITS

Beneficiary: Фондация "Дечица"


Donor Name
Hristo Chernev  110  лв.
stan eyes-open  250  лв.
Ivaylo Georgiev  500  лв.
G Tsakov  100  лв.
Emil Kunev  100  лв.


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Богдана Манова

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