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This year we managed to make an unbelievable dream come, despite how unbelievable it once seemed. We created our project with great pleasure and excitement. We wanted to build a climbing wall in the saloon of our building in the “Orlandovtsi” neighborhood, where children with motor difficulties could climb the wall as a form of therapy.

As it turns out this kind of physical activity has proven itself to be very beneficial for children with this kind of condition. Unfortunately it is quite challenging for less fortunate families to gain access to these kinds of facilities.

So far we managed to to build the wall and secure health insurance for the children. We also developed a specialized occupational therapy program which we are currently in the process of piloting.

To give greater meaning to the wall we hired young and enthusiastic professionals to give us a much-needed hand. The team from the day center in Orlandovtsi is also helping us greatly, as they are very passionate about such projects.

The cause of our fundraising is to support the occupational therapy program for 1, 3 or 6 months, so that at least 9 to 12 children can participate in the program and gain the full benefit from it. The cost of the therapy for the duration of 6 months is around 3000 euro for the whole group.

Here is the story of one of our kids. With your donation you will support Petar and many other kids.

The target amount we’re aiming for is 2000 BGN. Which will support the program for two months. Let’s do it!


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Donated so far
 2,130  лв.

Goal amount
 2,000  лв.
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Category : Деца и младежи от институции

Legal state: NON-PROFITS

Beneficiary: CONCORDIA


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Anonymous donor  100  лв.
Anonymous donor  20  лв.
Anonymous donor  20  лв.
Vasil Gerasimov  50  лв.
Todor Radev  200  лв.


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