PLATFORMATA (THE PLATFORM) is created by BCause Foundation. Through it we can donate to or create charity campaigns. There is complete integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

We can donate online through Borika system, PayPal, and to the Foundation's donation account via bank transfer, with virtually all kinds of Bulgarian and international cards. For the donations made in THE PLATFORM we can benefit from tax breaks.

BGN 0 for inclusion in PLATFORMATA.bg.
Campaign initiators do not pay any fees. Donors also do not pay any fees to THE PLATFORM. The Foundation deducts 5% of the funds donated to each campaign when it transfers the money to the recipient. These funds are used to support the online platform, communicate with users, pay bank charges.

Many of your questions will be answered in the "How does it work?" section. If you have any further questions, please write to us.
PLATFORMATA.bg is a developing service. If you have ideas for its improvement - contact us.


PLATFORMATA.bg was esteablished almost ten years after BCause Foundation's (Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation) first service for online donation.

December 2005
The BCause Foundation (then Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation) embeded an ePay online donation module on its site. It began to raise donations for 9  causes in public benefit in the social sphere and ecology.

September 2011
The donation platform of BCause Foundation (then Bulgarian Charities Aid Foundation) was an integrated service on the Foundation's website www.bcaf.bg under the heading To Donate is Wonderful! It was used by more than 50 organizations per year. Campaigns of non-profit organizations and public institutions were divided into 9 categories - healthcare, education, children deprived of parental care, people with disabilities, elderly people, environmental protection, charity events, human rights and local communities. The accounts contained information about the campaign and organization's work, their beneficiaries, the financial target of their campaigns, pictures and video, and a donation button.

The Donation platform enabled donors to donate online, by payroll, to a bank account, with Donation Short Service (for campaigns that have campaigns in DMS service), and to become volunteers.

The old Donation platform at the Foundation's website was developed by eBG.bg. With them we had successfully managed the platform for more than two years, including two editions of the charity ultramaraton "1000 Balkan Charity Challenge". On December 1, 2013 eBG.bg ceased work. After that date, the online donations were made through the Foundation's own virtual POS at the UniCredit Bulbank.

January 2014
We have begun to prepare the Donation platform's separation into a separate site with more donation opportunities, greater freedom for users to create and manage causes, addressing wider audience and campaigns. We have analyzed both our own experience and the achievements of English-language sites for online giving - crowdfunding.

May 2015
PLATFORMATA.bg is online from the spring of 2015. It offers more than the opportunity to donate to charity campaigns. Users can actively offer new campaigns, invite supporters and donors. Each user has an account through which they can track their donation activity.

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