How does the Platform work?

1. How to donate?

How to donate?

You may choose the most suitable for you way to donate:

- online, with credit or debit card, via the Borika system to the BCause Foundation POS terminal at UniCredit Bulbank

- online, with credit or debit card, via PayPal

- via bank transfer - to the donation account of the BCause Foundation.
Note: Payment will not be seen immediately at the file of the cause. Those payments are recorded on a weekly basis.

- online - donation with CAF America
Since Dec 2018 by virtue of an agreement between the BCause Foundation and CAF America, US taxpayers can make donations to the directly to the US-based CAF America. CAF America is a registered 501 (c) 3 organization and donations to it are tax deductable.

Why and How to Register?
What is the Personal Donor Profile?

Why should I register?

Registration allows you to use all of the services of the Without it you can only see the campaigns and to donate.

HOW to create Campaign?

What is Campaign?

Campaigns are created to raise funds for important personal or public needs in support of a charity cause. For example: Medical treatment or rehabilitation, training, emergency situations, participation in international competitions and other really important reasons. Examples of causes include "I want a baby", "Let's help Kalia learn," "Together in Nepal," etc.

Creating a Campaign in practice enables you to create your own page within the Platform where you can manage texts and images, edit campaign, and track donation reports.

Other questions

What does a ''SUCCESS'' campaign mean?

The SUCCESS Stamp appears automatically on the campaign when its financial goal is reached. This does not lead to termination - the campaign remains open for donors until its expiration.

The SUCCESS Stamp can be put on the campaign in one more case - by an administrator when part of the money is raised in other ways outside of the Platform and so the financial goal is achieved.

Do you have more questions?

Are you ready to create Campaign?

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