PPD е водеща глобална организация за изследователски услуги, предоставяща цялостни, интегрирани услуги за разработване на лекарства, лабораторни дейности и управление на жизнения цикъл. Нашите клиенти и партньори включват фармацевтични, биотехнологични, медицински изделия, академични и правителствени организации. С офиси в 48 страни и повече от 21 000 професионалисти по целия свят, PPD прилага иновативни технологии, терапевтичен опит и твърд ангажимент за качество, за да помогне на клиентите и партньорите да изкривят разходите и времевата крива на разработването на лекарства и да оптимизират стойността на терапиите, които променят живота, за подобряване здравето на хората.
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PPD' campaigns with Platformata.bg

This campaigns are part of the PPD Year-End Charity Ball: We are one PPD! Be part of the Change.

Nov 1 2018 - Dec 1 2018


Change the lives of elderly people in the Bulgarian Northwest

The Northwest Project Foundation is focused on changing the lives of elderly people in one of the poorest regions in EU – the Bulgarian Northwest. Due to emigration and high unemployment levels, lone-living elderly people with low income are an extremely vulnerable group.


Art-therapy and support for children with cancer and their parents

ARTON Foundation Bulgaria is focused on mental recovery of cancer patients of all ages. ARTON was the first professional Bulgarian hospital art-rehabilitation program for children with cancer and currently it is operating at the three largest departments of pediatric hematology and oncology – in Varna, Sofia and Plovdiv.


Help stray animals in Sofia find shelter or a new home

Animal Rescue Sofia is a Bulgarian organization working to solve the stray dog and cats problem in Sofia. With the help of thousands of people, they created their own shelter for stray animals – the Farm, where 200 cats and dogs can find - 24/7 – medical treatment, care and, eventually, a new family.


Аt PPD charity ball we managed to raise BGN 14 156.

The ARTON art-therapy program for children with cancer raised BGN 5625;

BGN 5326 will support the Project Northwest Foundation for organizing free of charge medical check-ups for the elderly people in Mezdra region;

and BGN 3205 will go to Animal Rescue shelter for stray animals, for supplying medicine, food and shelter for stray cats and dogs.

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