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Ubisoft Sofia supports #ForTheChildrenOfHeroes Fund

#ForTheChildrenOfHeroes Fund – doctors and teachers who have lost the battle with Covid-19

We both as a society and as single individuals are facing times of great challenges. These are times that bring us closer together and dare us to pass through the crisis while keeping the most important part of us - our humanity. Unfortunately, since March, the Covid-19 pandemic has not gone away. Its outbreak continues to rage across the world and it hits stronger and stronger every single day. Our main focus has always been the children and their health.

Nevertheless at the beginning of the crisis, we, at Project #ForGood, did everything we could to help the frontline health workers. We continue to seek ways to be supportive during the upcoming huge health crisis that our country is facing.We had to make a difficult and painful decision because we were faced with the pain of the children that lost their parents in the battle with Covid-19. These were brave people, doctors and teachers that fought to save lives and burnt out while doing it. We have to remember them, each one of them, all of them!

These were the people that worked in the front line of the crisis and lost their lives while fulfilling their mission. They had children and they loved them and cared for them deeply. And they left those children behind, they left them to us.Today we would like to address them and tell them that we will take care of their children. This will express our deepest gratitude.

Each child will receive a scholarship of BGN 500 per month. One scholaship is BGN 6000 per year. We work with a detailed guideline which will be used for evaluating requests for scholarship funds.

The fund will be managed by a Public Council which will accept the documents, review applications, grant scholarships, monitor how the money is spent and report to the donors. We start the campaign together with BCause foundation and Peter Velkov (teacher). The campaign will also be supported by Gorata.bg, „Plastic Caps for the Future", “Оn the FrontLine”, volunteers and contributors. They will have representatives as part of the Public Council.

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