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Ubisoft Sofia helps create a Literature subway in the year of Vazov

Through our Play for Good program, we at Ubisoft Sofia strive to have a positive impact on the environemnt surrounding us. Join us in supporting Podlezno in their effort to renovate public spaces.


Podlezno is an organization which has taken up with the task to artistically renovate spaces that need to freshen up. Our vision is for all subways in Sofia and throughout the country to be transformed into works of art by means of graffiti, creative installations, educational elements, benches, etc.

In order to liven up the dull subways and turn them into places where everyone would love to pass by (instead of avoid because they are dirty, dark, smelly and dangerous), we use different themes, inspired by the surrounding city environment, cinema, music, nature, science, folklore, sports, etc.

In 2020 we think the perfect subject is literature. This year has been named as “Vazov’s Year” as July 9th marks the 170th anniversary of the birth of the most prominent Bulgarian writer and poet. Literature and books are of an utmost importance to all people – they have kept our memory and culture alive for centuries, they have preserved our history, folklore, traditions, customs, folk psychology and we turn to reading during the most trying times.

You can become part of this unconventional celebration of literature, together with Vazov and his greatest works and help us transform our 10th subway in a way that intrigues, excites and touches the imagination of all who pass by and put a smile on their faces.

All acts of support, no matter how small they are, are important – not only to us, but also to you, to the passers-by, to the whole city!

We will be extremely grateful to all donations and participation of volunteers (you can take part in our volunteers’ network by signing up here: https://podlezno.org/contribute).

Be part of the transformation! It’s easy!

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