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Бистра Иванова / Multi Кulti Collective

Бистра Иванова е участник в инициативата 1000 km Balkan Charity Challenge, 2019
Набира средства за Multi Кulti Collective.
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You all know that Multi Kulti is my passion and dream! However, do you know that I have also been running a lot more lately and did a few trail runs and even a triathlon? Wouldn’t it be nice to combine those two for social change? Yes, it’s possible but only if YOU support me ?

We started our program for children with the support of 1000 km Balkan in 2016 and we wish to continue in the next year with two great schools in Sofia and Harmanli!

Please support me and the kids!


Multi Kulti Collective is a leading Bulgarian NGO working for the mutual integration between Bulgarians and foreigners since 2011. We started our program for children with the support of 1000 Balkan in 2016 and we love seeing kids’ smiles and shining eyes.

Our program this year will search for successful models together with two schools which have Bulgarians, refugees and Roma in their classrooms and face many challenges. With the funds we raise through the 1000 Balkan we will cooperate with the 66 School Filip Stanislavov in Sofia and the Ivan Vazov School in Harmanli to set up a whole year program with various activities. They will, on the one hand, strengthen the community by organizing meaningful events that bring parents and children from all backgrounds together to share and enjoy diversity. On the other hand, we will organize activities in which the children get to know new and exciting things like programming robotic arms or how to make a battery out of lemons. With this, they can explore their talents and learn how to work in diverse teams.

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