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Euphoria Charity Run to make a child's dream come true!

Hi! I am Aneta and I run ultramarathons :) Several years ago I ran with a group of friends in the Rhodopes, this is a mountain in Bulgaria. Going on a 30 km run, we passed a very old lady, who was working on her potato fields. When several hours later we came back, she called out to ask me where we had been and why we were running. I didn’t know how to explain that we run just like that, for pleasure, because during the time we were away she had dug up half of her potato field. She was 87 years old.
This year I will run in Andorra for the third time. Below, you can read about my first run in 2017. Two years in a row I finished the Ronda and this year I will run the Euphoria together with Pirin Galov. Probably you know that this means 233 km and 20k displacement. Pirin and I decided to run for charity and the cause we picked is the Make a Wish program of the Ida Foundation in Bulgaria.

Ida supports the families of children with serious, terminal or life-limiting illnesses. As part of their work, they have instituted a Make a Wish Fund to make the dreams of those little people come true. They believe that the right to childhood has to be preserved despite the constant everyday difficulties and challenges those children and their families encounter while living with illness. Kids remain kids and they need joy and dreams to be able to live as fully as possible. Ida Foundation tries to add life to their days, when medicine cannot add days to their life.
Currently, Ida is fundraising to send 12-year old Bobby, who is in remission from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and her family to Paris. It is Bobby’s dream to fly in a airplane and see France. So far, they have secured the funds for the airplane tickets and Bobby is supposed to travel to Paris in mid-September. They still need the funds for accommodation and if, possible, to gift Bobby and her family with a trip to Eurodisneyland.

Please support Pirin and I as we run the Euphoria to make a child’s dream come true!


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