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Endava supports the children of Mother Teresa: Plovdiv

"Mother Teresa" Is a social assistance provider for children outside of their family environment. We are responsible for 15 children aged from 12 to 18 years.

Our primary purpose is to support the well-being of the children including their medical & mental health status, education, and social integration. The team supports the development of children by providing medical care, educational opportunities, and social interaction. One of the fundamental aspects of the provided care is the number of different activities the kids can take part in during their free time, after school, or whenever they’re in need of some recreation or some rest.

At KSUDS Plovdiv we aspire to be able to organize annual camps for both the seaside and the mountains, where the kids we take care of can go; however, the organization needs external funding to plan these camps (they are currently self-financed and supported by some additional donations). The kids are very fond of the annual camps, as it is an opportunity to create new memories and experiences outside their usual gloomy routines. Some of the children we are taking care of have never had a chance to even see the sea, or the opportunity to go on a hike in nature.

The team of KSUDS Plovdiv can provide these wonderful experiences for the kids and ensure they don’t miss out on these special childhood memories; however, the organization needs external support and donations to make that dream come true. Any support is greatly appreciated.

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