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Raise your pulse for PULSE

"Raise your pulse for PULSE" is the current fundraising initiative that the Baringa Partners Bulgarian Team is undertaking with the goal in mind to not only promote wellness among its employees, but also and more importantly to financially support a Bulgarian NGO - PULSE Foundation continuous operations and further cement the significance of eradicating domestic violence from the every day life of people who are victims.

Starting from 08/11/2022, the Baringa Partners Bulgarian Team will showcase how dedicated throughout the week it is in spending time for sporting activities. The period for participation is two months, as the initiative will be held till the end of the year, i.e., 31/12/2022.

About PULSE Foundation, est. 1999
"POSITIVE PERSONAL SKILLS IN SOCIETY" (PULSE) Foundation is a Bulgarian non-governmental organization under the Law on Non-Profit Legal Entities as an organization carrying out socially useful activities aimed at the development and affirmation of spiritual values in civil society. The foundation works in two main directions in terms of violence - prevention and rehabilitation. -> https://www.pulsfoundation.org/en/

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