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Playtech Bulgaria supports people from the flooded villages

50 households were affected after the tragedy caused by the torrential rains in Karlovo - the villages of Slatina, Bogdan, Karavelovo, Stoletovo, Voynyagovo, Rozino.

Volunteers from the "Together Forward - Rozino" Foundation are on the ground helping people experiencing a hitherto unknown disaster - destroyed roads, bridges, flooded yards, animals and crops, interrupted water supply and electricity!

The " Together - Rozino" Foundation deals with humanitarian activities, through which it supports the poorest children, families and lonely elderly people in the Municipality of Karlovo. They have been working in the region of the villages affected by the torrential rains since 2016, know the people and the problems and enjoy their trust.

At the moment, volunteers of the foundation help and clear the homes and yards of the injured people, bring water and food with the few donations received.

BGN 10,750 has already been transferred from the campaign for the urgent needs of the most vulnerable victims. A second-hand bus was purchased to deliver humanitarian aid donations to the people of the villages affected by the tragedy. Building materials are bought to restore the houses. We deliver bricks, cement and others to those in need.

Thank you for your support!

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