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Playtech Bulgaria supports WE HELP Campaign

On 2nd of September, a downpour of 190 liters per square meter destroyed the homes, destinies and orderly lives of hundreds of our compatriots in Karlovo region.

Flooded houses, yards, lost livelihood, domestic animals and crops, furniture. The water swept away the homes and hopes of hundreds of Bulgarian families!

Right now, people are clearing their homes of the mud from which they must build their lives anew!


We are collecting funds to buy household appliances and furniture for the affected families and to support parents whose students have to start school.  

The campaign is carried out in partnership by four civil organizations - the Foundation "Workshop for Civic Initiatives", the Bulgarian Donor Forum, the National Association of Volunteers in the Republic of Bulgaria and the BCause Foundation, which combine efforts in communication, gathering information about needs on the ground and decisions about spending of funds.


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