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Hi All!

A month ago, in this cold and snowy weather, me and my friends were running in the park, when one of them presented us a program called #Хапка надежда. It provides warm lunch for people, organizations and hospitals.

Me and my friends then gathered some money to provide LUNCHES for A WHOLE MONTH in hospital Kula, a small town in northwestern Bulgaria.

One whole day of food for all employees in the Hospital costs only 20 lv.

As the end of February is coming, I got in touch with Nasko Tsanov, the leader of the organization Severozapazvane, to discuss possibilities to continue providing lunches for those medics who are fighting in Kula hospital every day while they are understaffed.

I will be glad if YOU - my friends, Microsoft Team and ServiceSource colleagues, gather together, and show all the goodness from our hearts and participate in this incredible campaign!

10 lv in Sofia has totally different value than 10 lv in Kula.

Thank you all! 

With Love, Jan! 

The donations will be paid directly to the meals provider by BCause Foundation

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Ján Rubis

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