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BCause Foundation is the official charity partner of the event, and donations are processed via www.platformata.bg

GVC campaign with Platformata.bg

May 29, 2020 - July 1, 2020


Treatment and Rehabilitation for Children

Knowing that your child needs medical help and knowing that you can’t afford it. This is a feeling that no one should ever feel.The “Treatment and Rehabilitation for Children” Fund, initiated by BCause Foundation, raises donations, which help the children receive their much needed therapy.The fund supports families with children under 18 with chronic or other types of serious diseases. All of them need regular therapeutic procedures and the means, given by National Health Insurance Fund, cannot suffice at all. The clinical pathways for rehabilitation of children with palsy, for instance, covers 10 days of procedures (20 for those, born in Sofia)...


Help people with rare diseases in Bulgaria

One in 2000 people are affected by a rare disease, and there are more than 6,000 different rare diseases in total. Only 5% of them have treatment.Huntington’s Disease, Von Recklinghausen's Disease, Acromegaly, Friedreich's Ataxia, Sarcoidosis, Syringomyelia - behind these exotic sounding names there are real people and their real fates. They are incurable, chronic and lead to severe disabilities.The sense of isolation is also felt by the expression "rare disease". These are people of all ages who need our support and follow-up care. There are people who cannot go out of their homes, because of their physical disabilities or the inaccessibility of the environment....


Let’s raise money for food for 50 children at risk in the Gabrovo region

During these challenging times our main mission is to help feed 50 children at risk along with their disadvantaged families.We contact directly with school principals in Plachkovtsi, Dryanovo, Tryavna, Sevlievo and Gabrovo.In April we delivered food packages to 20 children and their families from the “Vasil Levski” Primary School in the village of Plachkovtsi.With your support we would like to extend our help to more children in need in the region of Gabrovo. Let’s bring back the joy and hope in their eyes.There is no need to be rich and powerful to help. You just need to be good.


Help people with rare diseases in Bulgaria

Hello! My name is Rumyana Georgieva, 26 years old, from Pazardzhik. I have been living with palsy during my whole life. Despite all the difficulties I meet in moving around, I managed to graduate with excellent grades at the University of Plovdiv, in the “Social Work” degree. I was a "Get Ready to Succeed" scholarship program fellow for 4 years.

Since my birth I have been leading an everyday battle to improve my physical condition.I dream to be able to stand stable and better my walking abilities. I am very well aware that I cannot expect miracles. In order to achieve my biggest dream to walk by myself I need to make a lot of efforts.

After a medical exam at the Serdica Hospital I was given hope that it is possible to achieve a huge improvement of my physical condition, but to do that, I need to undergo a 12 week treatment with a Lokomat – a robotic rehabilitation system. The amount I need for this treatment is 18 000 leva.

My family cannot afford to pay for the treatment.That’s why I turn to you and ask you for your help!I will be extremely grateful for your support for the most precious gift I dream about – health.

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