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Feb 20 - April 28, 2020


Community Kitchen Northwest Project – we did it together!

We are Northwest Project. When we started working on founding a Community Kitchen three years ago, most people were having doubts we would ever succeed.

Today, at the end of 2019, we can acknowledge that with the immense donors’ support, we founded and supplied a Community Kitchen, which is fully functioning. Since mid-November 2019, we deliver cooked food to elderly people from 7 villages in the region on a daily basis and gradually included more and more villages in that list.

Our clients vary in terms of status, age and family history, but all of them need equal support because of their advanced age and deteriorating health, so food is a crucial aspect of the care for them, which we deem to be vital.In order to be able to deliver these elderly people the food they need during the first months of our activity, we once again need the aid of donors.

The donations will be used to supply the kitchen with products, personnel and partial coverage of taxes for people in dire financial need.During the past few years we started the program “Domestic Help” with which we provide assistants during the winter months for elderly people in need. We also regularly bring medical specialists from the leading hospitals in Sofia.We did it all together so far…and now count on your continued support.


Fund to Support Women Victims of Domestic Violence

For a second year in a row, at the eve of the International Women’s Day, 8 March, BCause Foundation asks you to be solidary with those women who will celebrate with a different perspective.

Make a donation to the Fund in support of women affected by domestic violence!Support the organizations, supporting those who have suffered from domestic violence!

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