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DXC Christmas 2020 supports 'Get ready to succeed'' program

“Get ready to succeed” is a charity program, initiated by the BCause Foundation, which helps young students, who have lost one or both parents, or have grown up in institutions to continue their education. For the past 15 years BCause Foundation gave out 1521 scholarships – their joint amount is more than BGN 2 100 000. Our awardees study in prestigious universities and degrees in Bulgaria. They are highly motivated, goal-oriented and very proactive. 

The amount of an annual scholarship is BGN 1000 per pupil at 11th and 12th school grade and BGN 2500 per university student.

Eligible to apply for a scholarship are youths at 11th and 12th school grade and state university students, having excellent grades, who lost one or both of their parents, or raised in specialized institutions, or have physical disabilities. 

During the 2020-2021 school year, the scholarship holders are: 33 students in Medicine; 18 students in other specialties; 37 pupils from 26 towns in Bulgaria. 

Supporting this cause, the DXC Christmas Charity campaign will contribute with an honest belief in the power of education, helping those who chose the difficult but right path to success. 

Stand by us! Let’s raise the money necessary for the success of the young people in need!

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DXC Christmas 2020
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DXC Christmas 2020

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