Ubisoft Sofia is an ambitious and versatile game development studio and our teams are dedicated to deliver great entertainment experiences to audiences around the world. ​

Through our charity program Play For Good, we at Ubisoft aim to give back to the local communities through charitable initiatives. The program is designed to bring Play and its benefits to those who need it most by raising money or volunteering for various causes. With Play For Good we have greater impact on the society, the economic growth and the environment surrounding Ubisoft Sofia.

We strongly encourage everyone to get involved through a charity or a volunteering initiative of their choice in order to strengthen the bond with the local communities.


BCause Foundation is the official charity partner of the event, and donations are processed via www.platformata.bg


Ubisoft campaign with Platformata.bg

June 12, 2020 - Sept 5, 2020


Ubisoft helps create a Literature subway in Vazov’s year

Podlezno is an organization which has taken up with the task to artistically renovate spaces that need to freshen up. Our vision is for all subways in Sofia and throughout the country to be transformed into works of art by means of graffiti, creative installations, educational elements, benches, etc.

You can become part of this unconventional celebration of literature, together with Vazov and his greatest works and help us transform our 10th subway in a way that intrigues, excites and touches the imagination of all who pass by and put a smile on their faces.


Ubisoft Sofia supports the awardees of the “Get ready to succeed” program

Ubisoft Sofia continues to support the scholarship owners in the "Get Ready To Succeed" Program. Help us provide quality education to the children in need. 

“Get ready to succeed” is a program, initiated by the BCause Foundation, which helps young people, who have lost one or both parents or have grown up in institutions to continue their education.

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